Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Leadership is very important in any setting. The growth of any organization depends absolutely on the type of leaders they have. God is not silent about leadership at all. Paul devoted quite some time in telling his 'preacher boys', Timothy and Titus, on how to go about getting the right leaders for the Church they were sent to. This month, God is looking up to you to elect those that will be taking major decisions about us in the next few years. These decisions will affect our spiritual life and other areas of our life.

To Timothy, Paul enumerated the positive and negative qualifications of a leader in the Church as recorded in 1 Timothy 3:1-13. To Paul, every leader in the church should be a man/woman of integrity. He should have virtues that are worthy of emulation. A Church leader should be a man/woman of positive testimony in his/her work place, in marriage, family life and neighbourhood. In Titus 1:5-16, Paul tells Titus to select a group of people that will help in leading the Church. In this passage, Paul took time to enumerate the qualities of a Church leader.
Most of our leaders are going to change this year. The Congregation will have to choose most members of the Chapel Committee, all except two members of the Budget Committee and all the Trustees of the Chapel. God is depending on you to do this election.
There are three things each Chapel member should do. They are as follows:
• BE READY TO PRAY: The story was told of a lady who prayed for her fellowship election and received a list of the new members of their Exco from God. She gave the list to the President of the group. At the end of the election, all the people were elected into the Exco, as God told her. Each Chapel member should take time out to pray for this election. All out going members should pray earnestly for their successors. Ask God to give the Chapel someone that will continue from where you stopped.
• BE READY TO ELECT: Each Chapel member should be part of making decisions as to who leads the Chapel from February this year. Let God, not man, lead you in choosing the persons to occupy the vacant positions in our Chapel. Do not anoint a wrong person. It can be disastrous. Your leader can make or mar you. Bad leaders will destroy the system. Good leaders will take you to your God-given destiny in life.

• BE READY TO SERVE: Some say, here am I, send my brother/sister. Let everyone be ready to serve in the Lord's Vineyard. Do not deliberately stay away on the day of election. Come and vote for a candidate God wants to use in the Chapel. Lastly, be available to be voted for.

As we look forward to receiving the next set of leaders from God, let us praise Him in advance for hearing our prayers.

May the Lord depend on you as we choose our next set of leaders in Jesus name.

Ven. Solomon O. Makun