Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Harvest is defined by Worldweb dictionary as "yield from plants in a single growing season." In the case of worshippers in our Chapel, I want to define harvest in the following ways: For the students, your harvest is your result at the end of every semester, session and finally as you graduate from the university. That is to say that the students will harvest a pass, third class, second class (lower or upper division) or a first class as the case may be as their harvest. For the lecturer, your harvest can be in two folds - your research work with your promotions and the students you are able to produce every session.

For the administrators, your harvest is the quality of service you are able to provide for the people that you are employed to serve. For the Chaplain, Assistant Chaplain and the Priests, your harvest is the number of souls that are saved through you and the Christians that you are building up spiritually. 

There are rewards for every harvest. The reward you get depends absolutely on the efforts cum the blessings from God. There is the normal or natural harvest that comes from your daily or monthly work. Your salary comes in monthly. You get promoted to the next level even if your grades are on the average or a little bit below average. The excellent students and the extremely hard working staff can get the normal increase and promotions as at when due. The Harvest of Overflow does not follow the normal trend. There is a divine and a supernatural dimension to a Harvest of Overflow. 

For something to overflow, it means, it will pass its limits. It will have to run over the brim or run over the container. For you to enjoy this level of harvest, you need to allow God step into your productions. Harvest of Overflow does not follow normal trends. There is a dive and a supernatural dimension to it. You need to allow God take over your academics and research work so as to enjoy a Harvest of Overflow. When God steps into your situation, your story change and it will become different. Your ordinary situations will begin to enjoy divine dimensions that will baffle people. You just notice as you operate in this realm of Harvest of Overflow that the work that would have taken you ten full days to accomplish is done in one day. You will notice that you will no longer be working as an elephant and eating like an ant. You will notice that, you will be enjoying God's favour beyond what you can explain. We shall now look at some examples from the Scriptures. 

Peter was a very experienced fisherman. He toiled all night but could not catch any fish. When he met with Jesus, he got a command that says in Luke 5:4b “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” This was the words of Jesus to Peter. For you to experience a divine Harvest of Overflow, you need to hear from Jesus. What is He saying to you about your situation? Peter heard Him clearly. Hear Peter's reply after hearing Jesus in Luke 5:5b. He says “Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word I will let down the nets.” When Peter obeyed Jesus, he enjoyed a Harvest of Overflow. If you want to have harvests that will make your enemies ask: How did it happen? And if you want harvests that will make your friends rejoice with you, then obey whatever He tells you. All your toils that yields nothing can result in a harvest of overflow today if you can only do two things: Hear and Obey. 

At this level of Harvest of Overflow, you can no longer manage the resources alone. You will need to call on neighbors to come and help out. Ponder on these words from Luke 5:7 "They signaled to their partners in the other boat to come and help them. And they came and filled both the boats, so that they began to sink." May God raise up helpers for you at the time of harvest in Jesus name. May He make things easy for you in Jesus name. Peter who toiled all night and caught nothing testified to a bumper harvest because he heard and obeyed Jesus. Hannah the barren woman became a mother of six children because she called on God. 

Beloved, you too can enjoy Harvest of Overflow in every area of your life. Only allow God handle your situations. You will have no regrets. 

Ven. Solomon O. Makun