Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Several people are in dire need of children these days. Some are asking God for biological Children. Some are believing God for spiritual children. Many others want people they can depend on politically, professionally, in their businesses, etc.The heart cry of Rachel was to have her own biological children. At a point, she had to cryout to her husband  “…give me children, or else I die”  (Genesis 30:1b KJV).

Rachel started well. She had a loving husband. She suffered in the hands of her father, Laban, who gave her husband she waited for seven years to marry to her elder sister, Leah. In addition to all these pains, sufferings, limitations, reproaches and betrayals; God stopped her from having children. The greatest mistake she made was to confront her sister and her husband with her  problems. She  did not  go to  God. Beloved,  are you  barren; spiritually,  academically, financially, professionally etc? My counsel to you is this: Ask God for the blessings of bearing fruits. Later on in  life, it was recorded in Gen. 30:22 that  “…God  remembered Rachel and God listened to her and opened her womb.” Beloved, who are you calling on for help?. That longstanding problem of yours can be solved if you take it to God in prayer. God is a covenant keeping God. Call on him and He will answer you. The song writer said: Call upon me, in the day of trouble Call upon me, I will answer thee. Things are hard in our nation Nigeria today. Prices of things are on the increase. There is hunger. Ends are no longer meeting. Several people are unemployed or under employed.There are so much insecurity of lives and property. The only solution to all these is to go to God in prayers. My prayer for you is that God will remember you and wipe away your tears; remember you and make you fruitful; remember you and give you a second chance in Jesus name.

Ven. Solomon O. Makun (Chaplain)